when the teacher asks you to answer the question because you weren’t paying attention but you know the answer


Anonymous: [This message has 3 parts so bear with me, please] For those who didn't had the chance to attend the concert, it's normal to be curious, and no one should feel ashamed for watching HEX SIGN fancams or pics, I know I'm not, and I don't feel like a bad person, should I, just because I was curious, it's not like I have jeopardise their safety by doing so. I intent to buy the DVD if they release one, but until then 6 months or a year may have pass, and my curiosity is really big.


[part 2] But I think the main reason Jellyfish prohibited the use of any type of recording media at the concert was to protect the boys and at the same time trying to avoid the use of those fancams by some “pirates”, that might sell them as DVD’s, which well, it might happen, we never know, so I understand and respect it, but they have no right to make fans feel bad.

[part 3] Rules are rules we all know that, what they have done was wrong, and they shouldn’t have done it, but Jellyfish sometimes goes overboard, they have no right to intimidate fans. The worst for me is reading about starlights reporting others fellow member fans =/

Pretty much ^^

oh and with the prohibiting thing, a lot of companies do that whether there’s a DVD or not. They did it for VIXX’s showcases, and there was no DVD for it at all, which fucking sucks…


am I really the only person that LOVES the bowling alley carpet suits?


starlights have a lot of differing opinions but at least we can all agree on one thing
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